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Smokey’s Shack is the new place to eat in Romford.

We set out at the start of our journey to create a new restaurant that combined great food at great prices. We wanted to create a restaurant that was perfect for every occasion from a quick bite to eat at lunch or a family celebration.

Inspired by the deep south of America the restaurants interior has been transformed into Smokey’s hometown. The design of shacks within shacks creates endless possibilities for your imagination.

Smokey’s shack is a restaurant themed around chicken and burgers. Its easy going with no reservation required, has enough space to accommodate most parties and is open every day from 11am.

Back in January 2019

Enjoy toe tapping music the Smokey’s way!


Live from 8pm till late

Every Friday and Saturday night.

Starting August 3rd

smokey’s flavours

At Smokey’s we’re all about flavour, we marinate our chicken with passion and six different blends to create the ultimate combination of flavours that suit any palate.

Starting with the ‘Plain Jane’ our house flavour, which is mild but full of flavour, and going up to our ‘Sweet Chilli Cherokee’, a sweet blend of hot spices created by the Cherokees of Tennessee in the 18th century.

Our flavours are a mixture of dry rubs and wet sauces, pick the one thatsuits you.

the chicken

At Smokey’s we love our chicken

We source our chickens from established UK farms that are red tractor approved The farms pride themselves on their chicken’s welfare, the chickens live out there life totally free range and outdoors on established English pasture.

We cook our chickens from fresh to order to keep quality high and have created six different flavours to enhance the meat

the burgers

Smokey loves a burger, so we created 9 burgers that anyone would love. From our beef burgers which use 100% Aberdeen Angus beef to the cheese lovers Halloumi burger.  All our burgers are completed with our signature sweet brioche bun.

The bar

The bar sits in front of our iconic video screens and has the answer for anyone’s tipple, choose from one of our draught beers or indulge in one of our milkshakes and why not join us Monday to Friday from 5pm till 8pm for 2/4/1 on selected cocktails.

The cake counter

At Smokey’s we love anything sweet so we put our desserts in prime position for everyone to see. A cake counter has been cut into our bar and is full of delicious desserts you can indulge in including our homemade cakes and our selection of cheesecakes.

The Folktale of Smokey

The man behind the madness

Rising above the Tennessee border is the Appalachian mountain range, deep within this vast forest lays a small village, a village, which does not stand out but instead looks like it grew from the trees below. At first glance summer walkers may think it’s completely abandoned but that’s far from the truth. The village is home to a single occupant, a weathered looking man who seems as old as the village itself. A man of legend and a man riddled with secrets.

According to legend Smokey was found as a baby by the Cherokee elders, near a magical lake hidden deep within the mountains valleys. The lake was rumoured to have been inaccessible to European settlers and contained mystical powers of youth, which begged the question “How did he get there?” Nicknamed “Dutsusdu” meaning ‘Smokey’ by the elders, the name stuck and soon Smokey became one of their own.

Many moons later Smokey grew old but his health stayed strong. Was it the lake of youth? We like to think it was the chicken he ate!